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Giant Schnauzer Breeders (North America)

Absolute Acres Pennsylvania
Apffel Bach Giant Schnauzers Illinois  (New)
Apffel Bach Kennels Illinois
Asgardian Giant Schnauzers Calgary, Alberta, Canada  (New)
Aziara Giant Schnauzers Massachusetts
Azzuma Giant Schnauzers Colorado
Black Angel Giant Schnauzers Delaware
Carolina Giants South Carolina  (New)
Cawein Giant Schnauzers Moscow, Tennessee  (New)
Celestial Pepper & Salt Giant Schnauzers California
Classic Giant Schnauzers of Easentaigh Wisconsin
CoolHand Ranch: Giant Schnauzers New York  (New)
Doc's Giant Schnauzers Florida
El Lobo Giants Florida
El Lobo Giants Florida  (New)
Fanta C Giant Schnauzers Indiana
Flamingo Ridge Giant Schnauzers  (New)
Giant Schnauzers of America Georgia
Grande Giant Schnauzers Colorado
Happy Trails Giant Schnauzers Kentucky
Happy Trails Giant Schnauzers Kentucky  (New)
Hatten's Kennel Illinois
HiStyle Giant Schnauzers Illinois
Ingebar Giants Pennsylvania
Kaiser Giants Montana
Keystone Kennel Illinois
Kiraly Giant Schnauzers British Columbia, Canada  (New)
Lionheart Kennels Ohio
Magna Giant Schnauzers West Virginia
Momentumm Giant Schnauzers Michigan
Schnauzerland Giants Tennessee
Skansen Kennel California
Skyline Giant Schnauzers New York
Sonnenschein Kennel Texas
Spicerack Giant Schnauzers Ocala, Florida  (New)
Tanglewood Giant Schnauzers Illinois
Vom Mutter Haus Kennels Wisconsin

Giant Schnauzer Breeders (International, English language)

Foxwood Giant Schnauzers United Kingdom
Jafrak Giant Schnauzers United Kingdom
ArbaQ's Kennel Sweden
Kennel Riesenspass Sweden
Gently Born Russian Federation
Volition Australia
Zauberei Giant Schnauzers New Zealand

Giant Schnauzer Clubs

Giant Schnauzer Club of America
South Central Giant Schnauzer Club
Giant Schnauzer Club of Canada
Giant Schnauzer Club (UK)
Schnauzer Club of Great Britain
The Finnish Giant Schnauzer Club

Working/Schutzhund Schnauzers

Working Schnauzer Federation
Reiffhaus Giant Schnauzers Indiana

Giant Schnauzer Personal Pages

Kasey's Dog House Iowa, USA
Itsy G.  (New)

Giant Schnauzer General Interest

AKC Giant Schnauzer Standard
Schnauzer World
Giant Schnauzers
Giant Schnauzer Dogs
Giant Schnauzer Wikipedia
Westminster Kennel Club

Giant Schnauzer Groups

Giant Schnauzer Cafe Yahoo

Giant Schnauzer Web Rings

Schnauzer World Web Ring
Giant Schnauzer Web Ring
Anything Schnauzer Web Ring

Giant Rescue

HT-Z Giant Schnauzer Rescue, Inc
Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas,Inc.
St. Louis Schnauzer Rescue
The Schnauzer Rescue Message Board
Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue Phoenix, Arizona
Giant Schnauzer Rescue Network
Southern California Giant Schnauzer Rescue

Giant Products

Giant Schnauzer Gifts
Hoflin Publishing
Vincent Strangio Store
Giant Schnauzer Breed Art Shop, art by MWilson

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